Tuesday, September 17, 2013

His First Book "Airplane Wonders How to Fly"

Ethan got an idea to write a book one afternoon so we both sat down at the table and got started.  The entire concept was his own and I simply helped to spell the words.  He said it's about bullying.  I plan on keeping it forever of course, but thought a digital image would be a good backup too.

He really, really wants to take his book into a library so that other kids can read it.  I told him there were a lot of steps involved in getting a book published and thought it'd be fun to listen to a kid's author sometime, so we're going to see what we can find in our area.  He's doing great with writing and is getting better each day.  We've been working on sounding words out and he's been picking that up quickly.  He'll definitely be ready for kindergarten next year.


 "Airplane Wonders How to Fly" (Title) 
 "You're too small to fly high like me," said Heli.

 Jet said, "Don't listen to Heli, he's just pretending." 
"Don't say that to little airplane."

 "Big Job Big Airplane," said Heli.

(the back of the book shows his other books for sale)

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