Saturday, October 19, 2013

All Things Fall

Fall things we've checked off our list:

1. Play date at an apple picking orchard
2. Another play date at an apple cider mill
3. Family trip to a pumpkin patch

First up...the apple orchard!

 A hayrack ride out to the orchard, which lead us to endless rows of apple trees.  Most were golden ones, I forget what he called them, but they were all pretty tiny.  So no apple crisp in our future.  

This was the best picture of all 5 kids at the orchard, ha! Ethan was being a ninja, Alec was spiderman, Noah was wondering what the boys were doing, Addie had to pee?, and Lauren was looking for her lost apple.  
We ate a few more apples, then bought kettlecorn AND apple cider donuts.  We are spoiled.

Next up...pumpkin patch.  It was near Lawrence so we went there first for lunch.  Such a neat little town.  The boys liked just walked down the main strip (Mass street? Can you tell I didn't go to KU?), there are some interesting characters there.

Love this picture, look at Alec's face.  He's so excited.

 Five points if you can find Alec in the picture below.

Seriously some HUGE pumpkins here!

The weather was gorgeous this day, see the clouds?  They were so oddly fluffy and almost fake looking.  We couldn't stop talking about them (it was a thrilling ride home).  

No pictures of the Louisburg Cider Mill, but we went with 3 little boys (all brothers) who are friends of ours from school.  They all behaved so well, I almost couldn't believe we didn't have at least one meltdown.  Anyway, the boys watched the apples being cleaned and turned into cider and also watched them make cider donuts.  Of course, we all got to eat and drink some too!  See? Spoiled.

Happy Fall!

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