Monday, October 21, 2013

Another Random Photo Post

 I've got a handful of pictures that don't have a home, so I'm giving them all one here.  A nice little family of random photos.

Ethan was really excited for this family shot:

First of all, Alec's head shape is distorted in this picture...before anyone starts studying it.  Secondly, he saw this little mannequin at Old Navy and wasn't sure what to make of her.  He just stood there face to face with her, I don't think he knows about the 2' personal space rule.  

 Climbing trees at Blackbob park:

 Aunt Kate told us about these workshops at Lowe's (and Home Depot) for little kids.  Our first visit was a build-your-own airplane.  They get an apron to keep and a special pin that shows what they built that month.  We've got more of these scheduled!

To brag on Nick for a minute, he and our friend completed an obstacle course/race called the Tough Mudder last month in Topeka.  It was approximately 10-11 miles long with roughly 15 obstacles throughout.  It took them 2 hours and 10 minutes to complete (which is pretty darn good!) and they both walked away injury free.  Good job guys, I'll be cheering you on NEXT year!

 The boys each took one of their favorite stuffed animals to our downtown library a few weeks ago.  Beth told us about it and I'm glad she did, the boys really enjoyed it!  Basically, you bring your animal in, a library employee reads a couple goodnight books with the group and then you leave your animal to have a slumber party with all their friends. You pick them up the next day and watch a slideshow of all the the trouble they got into during the night.  Really cute idea, the boys want to do it again.

Swimming lesson time!

 He won't touch a worm but just about anything else is game.  At the park he found a very friendly moth who had a wounded wing.  

 Alec got a turn to hold it too.

Have I posted this picture before?  If not, we had the boys help move tree limbs out of the yard with their jeep awhile back.  It really was a help and they dug being useful.

 Have I mentioned Lego's?  Ever since we introduced Ethan to them at his birthday, he's fallen in love.  He plays with them daily and comes up with every invention you can imagine.  We've purchased a couple sets (boy, are they expensive!) and are currently trying to come up with an organizing system.  Here his is a couple months ago, showing off his helicopter.  I'll have to take more pictures of his latest creations because they're becoming more complex, in my opinion anyway.

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