Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Be Still, My Heart

We now have a brand spanking new Apple desktop and while there are numerous reasons to be jumping for joy, I'm jumping for joy because that means MY PICTURES WILL AUTOMATICALLY DROP RIGHT INTO THIS COMPUTER WITHOUT ME EVEN LIFTING A FINGER!  Yes, I had to shout that because I'm THAT excited!

Posting updates about the kiddos became such a task before because of the amount of time it took to download my pictures.  The blame is all on my old Macbook, that poor thing is getting up there in years, she doesn't run as smoothly as she once did.  But now none of that matters!

So be prepared for a blog posting frenzy around here!

Let me test this new machine out...see that pumpkin carving picture right there?  That took me all of 3 seconds to post.  Oh my goodness, the time I will save!!

More posts to follow! Yea!

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