Saturday, October 19, 2013

To Grandma's House We Go

The four of us headed down to my mom's house this past weekend to celebrate my brother's 40th birthday (apparently I took zero pictures of that event).  Like always, we had a great time and the boys got their fill of all things farm.  They said their favorite parts were throwing rocks into the pond (Ethan) and riding on the 4-wheeler (Alec). 

Playing in the open field, they could've played here the entire time and not gotten bored.

Jim, Nick and I went down to the pond to shoot some clay pigeons with shotguns while the rest of the family played at the house. 

 I hate to brag or anything, but I hit 4 in a row.  And I can't tell you the last time I've shot a gun.  Alright, to be fair, Jim and Nick hit plenty, too.  Nick beat me with 6 in a row and he even got the lovely prize of a bruised shoulder to show for it.  So I'm glad I didn't win.

You can see the shotgun shell popping out of the top of Jim's gun.

My mom, Jim and I went back out the next morning so my mom could show off her skills.  She didn't care for the shotgun whatsoever but she could sure shoot a bullseye with her pistol.  

Cutie all dressed to go outside.

The fire was just perfect for keeping warm and roasting marshmallows.  Then we all took a turn looking through Jim's binoculars.  The sky view at the farm is breathtaking.  The number of stars visible without the city lights to scare them away is amazing.  I could've looked at them all night long. 

Dakota, Ethan and Alec

 The flash was kinda bright in the dark of night. Sorry, Alec!

 It took about an an hour on the car ride home before this peaceful moment was noticed:

I'd say the trip was a success.

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