Monday, November 25, 2013

Ok, so we've been a little busy lately....

I vaguely remember my last post, something about getting ready for a blast of posts, new computer, easy uploads, blah blah blah...and then, as usual, life stepped in the way and put a stop to that.

But here I am.  Finally.  I really do miss writing and posting pictures of our family, I still take time to flip though the virtual pages of my blog and live in the past for awhile.  Things that were only a few years ago sometimes feel like they happened yesterday.  Nonetheless, I think if I'm able to jot down a thing or two about what's been going on with us and include a picture now and then, that's better than nothing. Right?

So let me get to it. Thanksgiving is three days away, but more importantly (to the kids), Christmas is 33 days away.  Now that feels like it was yesterday!  The boys are out of school this week, and Kate and her family are in town visiting, so it's been wonderful letting the cousins reconnect.  We are keeping ourselves busy.  We have no plans for the holidays other than to stay put, which is how we like it.  We do have a few things going on to keep us busy though.  One includes haircutting, the other includes a lot of white paint.

Nick and I are franchising Supercuts here in the KC area.  Three of them to start, with hopes to invest in a few more after those are up and running.  After a lot of research (Nick's doing), we decided this particular franchise was best for us for several reasons.  I won't go into the particulars, but it's a business that we can own without having to spend 40 hours a week there (or even half that after), and that was a perfect fit for both of us.  Obviously, Nick knows a thing or two about owning a business and I know a few things about managing a business as well.

Our first store is scheduled to open mid-February 2014, and hopefully a second and third store aren't too far behind.  We recently went to Minneapolis for a week of training and will be getting ready to recruit stylists in a couple of months.  So things will fall into place before we know it, and we're excited to start this new endeavor together.

A part of our training was a fun activity in which we all got to cut a mannequin's hair.  Obviously, none of us are actually cutting hair, but it was fun to put ourselves in the stylists shoes for a bit. We butchered her hair, for the record.

Another project we've started here includes the white paint, lots and lots of it.  Our house has a kitchen full of honey oak and originally we planned on just leaving it alone, and then ideas started brewing in our little heads and I managed to talk myself into painting them.  I'd researched everything one might need to know about the project and collected my supplies.  I started off with the honey oak fireplace, just to make sure I could actually pull it off.  That went well, so I moved on to the massive kitchen project.  I'm not even a third of the way though, and I've been working on it a few hours each day for about 6 days so far.  Lots of sanding, priming, waiting, painting, waiting and so on...  Oh, and has anyone noticed I've been using "I" and not "we"? Nick is not much of a helper (he's forthcoming with the ooooooo's and ahhhhhhhh's, so I guess that accounts for something?) with this huge undertaking but he did say I could pay myself for the work.  I'm thinking $1,000 is reasonable.  Would've cost triple that to have it done professionally!

The Before (Jim, I hope you birthed a healthy calf after learning I was painting the coveted OAK!)

No going back after that first brushstroke of paint.  

My Assistant

Almost done!

See Jim, nice and up to date now.
We're going to replace the tile with a stacked stone, and then it'll be 100% complete.

And then moving on to what looks like a nightmare:
This is the first of 3 sections I'm working on.  This kitchen has SO MANY cabinets.

Sanded with one coat of primer here, but just tonight I finished the 2nd coat of paint! 


More updates sure to come.  Wish me luck!

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