Sunday, January 19, 2014

Christmas 2013

I knew this would happen and I'm just going to stop's been nearly a month since Christmas and I'm just now getting a few pictures up here.  Better late than never!

And here's our holiday story told through pictures and short sentences (so much easier this way!).

Nick and I went to a Halloween party dressed as Carrie and a man with a knife stuck in his head.

The boys and I went to Grandma and Grandpa's for the weekend in early December and had a great time.  I was able to have a little girl get-together in Wichita for the night while the boys had a blast doing all sorts of fun things at Grandma's.  See the little marshmallow snowmen they made!??

Cozy fire at Bass Pro Shop (where we got to see Santa)
I was getting ready to take their pictures when I noticed the kids had their chins lifted up too high, so I asked them to put their chins down a little and this happened.  Wise guys.

That's a little better!

Always putting the kids in a headlock, which they pretend to hate but actually love.

My mom, Jim and Beth came over on Christmas Eve to celebrate. We decorated a gingerbread house, ate too much food and watched our traditional National Lampons Christmas Vacation movie.

Grandma and Alec

Grandma came equipped with our traditional game we play each year.  Nick read The Night Before Christmas while we each passed gifts around during the story...there are no losers in this game, only winners!

The night before Christmas is when we say our goodbye's to Elfie, this is the only time the boys can touch him. He was with us for an entire month, doing his usual things during the middle of the night (sometimes making a mess, but he was pretty mellow this year!).  He left a note telling the kids goodbye and that he'd make a surprise visit in 6 months just to check in, Ethan LOVED that.

Ethan writing his note to Santa and leaving him cookies and milk.
Christmas morning!  The boys ripped through all of their gifts and started playing right away.  I didn't take many pictures but I did videotape them coming downstairs and seeing the tree with all the gifts.  No idea how to get that onto my blog since I used my camcorder.

Later in the day we went to Nana's to celebrate.  The boys are beyond loved and got everything they dreamed of and more.  Santa came through with a remote control car for Alec and a Lego City set for Ethan.  Grandma and Grandpa gave them several things as well, including a large remote control truck for Ethan and a Play Doh Garbage truck for Alec.  From Nana they were given a few things too,   such as a lego set and a bunch of batman toys!  Needless to say, we did a little purging of toys that don't get a lot of attention after the holidays were over.  That felt good!

 On Christmas night the boys enjoyed one last taste of their gingerbread house and some hot chocolate.  We had a great Christmas and look forward to many more!

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Monday, January 6, 2014

Bedtime Words

Clutching a dictionary and his ragged blanket, Ethan asked if this could be his bedtime story book.  And so it was.

The End.

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