Sunday, April 13, 2014

Bike Upgrade

Ethan went from this a month before his 5th birthday:

To this as of this week: 


I love the smile on his face as he rides by me.  So much more confident!!  He's only had one big spill so far but I'm sure there's bound to be plenty more.  

He tested a few bikes out but decided on this one.

Nick told him that when he learned to tie a shoe, they'd buy a new (bigger) bike for him.  Little did we know, he'd figure out how to tie in about 10 minutes.  So, off they went to find a bike.  Like every other boy (except Alec, but that's another story) he absolutely LOVES to ride his bike.  Nick and him have ridden up to the gym, to the park, to the grocery store and as I write this, they are out riding right now.

As for Alec, he hasn't figured out the whole pedaling strategy.  And we blame it on the Toot Scoot bike we bought for him last year.  It's a bike with no pedals that sits low to the ground to help toddlers  with their balance on a bike, maybe even allowing them to skip training wheels.  The one fatal flaw of the Toot Scoot is that he's never used pedals before and it's an entirely new concept to him.  So we're working on it but he gets frustrated easily, for now he's totally happy just walking alongside Nick and me.

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