Sunday, April 13, 2014

Parent Day for Alec

Last week was Parent Day in Alec's class, he was thrilled to have us there.  He showed us the fire trucks that were new to his class and a couple of his friends that he likes to hang with (Leo and Beckett are his BFF's, by the way).  We all got to sing a few songs and then break up into groups for activities. One of his teachers told us that our boys were two of her favorites, that they were so sweet natured and that Ethan was always doing the "right" thing (guess he saves the "wrong" things for home? ha!).

Nevertheless, it's so fun to see Alec growing up and becoming his own little person.  Nick and I have noted on several occasions the differences between him and his big brother, it's so much fun watching them pick and choose things they enjoy independently.

Daddy and Alec on Parent Day....Takes 1 through 4:

Love these two.
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