Sunday, April 13, 2014

Seeing is Believing!

Hello, I'd like to reintroduce myself and my family to this blog since I seem to have taken an extended vacation from it.  Days turn into months so quickly around here, so before 2015 rolls into this blog I carved out a few minutes of my time today to make a much needed update.  This blog is my little diary of our family adventures and I'd be crazy not to continue it!

Let's see is coming to a close, and the boys are indifferent about that.  I know they enjoy seeing their friends a few times a week and I'm not sure Ethan totally understands that he won't be seeing the majority of his current classmates in kindergarten.  He'll be pretty bummed but without a doubt, he'll make many more friends.  Alec will return to pre-school in the fall, this time he'll be going 3 afternoons a week rather than just two.  Ethan will also attend afternoon kindergarten, so we'll see how the afternoon routines work out.

I've signed both boys up for a few different activities this summer.  This will be Alec's first time involved in anything other than sitting on the sidelines watching his brother.  I gave them both a couple different options and we all decided on soccer for Alec and karate for Ethan.  They will both go to a short summer camp at their pre-school as well, so we've got some activities to do other than play at parks.  Oh yeah, we have a few birthdays in the household to celebrate over the next few months, too!

Just a handful of random pictures pass the time as I put together my next post:

Alec and I went on a mom and son breakfast date to I-Hop, while Ethan and Dad went somewhere else.  He gobbled up every bite of that sugar filled pancake...and loved it.  :)

You never know what Alec will be wearing from one minute to the next, he changes clothes multiple times a day for no reason.  This particular day this is how he came out of his room after nap time.  We just roll with it.

Alec picked out a Police officer set and these glasses came with it, I'm glad they were so entertained by them!

He's hiding from me. 

Science City

Went to check on Alec before I headed to bed and found him asleep on the floor.  I asked him why and he said "because Daddy Puppy was down there". 

Ethan is still into legos and plays with them almost daily.  Here is one of his creations, he wanted a picture of it.  They all  have a name usually, but I can't remember what this one was called.  Alec is definitely showing more interest in them, and it wouldn't be a normal day around here if they didn't fight over who had what first.

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