Friday, June 6, 2014

Birthday #4

After what felt like a month countdown, Alec's 4th birthday finally arrived.  He enjoyed morning with one of his best pals from pre-school, Leo.  After some lunch and a quick nap he got up to round out his day hanging with his dear ol' family at home.  I love these simple birthdays, nothing fancy.  Alec was given lots of love and birthday attention and was showered with great gifts.

Grandma and Papa gave him a Ninja Turtle and a puzzle, while Nana scooped up some Kinetic Sand (that stuff is awesome!), his buddy Leo gave him a Captain America and a Transformer.  He also spent his gift card from his cousins on a new play dough set.  See? Showered with them!

He woke up EXTRA early because he was so excited!

Batman was his one and only request from Nick and me.  

In my mind Alec will always be my baby, but I know no matter how hard I will him not to grow up so fast, he's going to do it anyway.  Everyone says it year after year, "it goes so fast, in the blink of an eye...." and they are always right! Nick and I have truly stopped to smell the roses, if you will, and have slowed down to really appreciate the little "toddler" time we have left with the kids. 

 Alec is sure to remind us that being a kid is carefree and fun and exciting all bundled into one great feeling.  He is a boy who will pick up worms and hold hissing cockroaches but will carefully calculate the risk of ANY jump or mindfully contemplate a downward hill bike ride without Dad's reassuring hand on his shoulder.  He's a Superhero's best buddy but is Ethan's best friend.  I love all parts of him, head to toe, but his genuine wide smile is the most adorable smile out there.  Tell me that isn't true...

Happy 4th Birthday, Alec!

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