Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Pool Launcher

We've been to the neighborhood pool only a handful of times this summer.  The kids like it, but they only last an hour or so.  Ethan is swimming without much assistance, however, he has to stay in the shallow end.  It's taken a little while for him to get the feel of swimming on his own, but each time we go he's gotten more confident.  Alec is still just fine wearing his puddle jumper, he likes the water a lot and is content just floating and kicking around.

Nick went with us a couple weeks ago and I'm sure they wished he went every time.  I rarely even get in the water with them, so Nick was designated to be the kid launcher.  Alec started off pretty timid and only wanted "medium" throws and then he built up his courage and wanted "huuuuuuuge" throws.  

And then he bored of front throws and spiced it up a little with backward tosses...

Ethan preferred to watch rather than be watched, and maybe that's because he landed in a belly flop after this throw....ouch!

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