Friday, November 14, 2014

Golden What?

We're getting a Goldendoodle puppy.  There, I said it.  I may regret it for the first few months as I'm preparing myself for flashbacks of sleepless nights and constant baby attention.  But, Nick and I think that the good will far outweigh the bad when it comes to adding a family pet to our lives.

In choosing what we wanted (and didn't want!) in a dog, we considered several different breeds.  Saint Bernard was crossed off the list immediately...Bigsy still holds a special spot in my heart, but he was too much dog.  A lab like grandma and grandma have was tempting, we love Emmy at the farm and she's such a calm and easy dog (even Grandma, the anti-dog lover, says so!) but labs shed a lot and get quite large.  We came close to a husky because of their fun-loving and good natured personalities but they also shed a lot and are known to escape fences and explore with no real desire to return home.  So we crossed that off the list, too.  Next we found a mixed breed called a Goldendoodle.  They are half Golden Retriever and have Poodle.  Nick is really working on his delivery of the breed name when asked by strangers.  Goldendoodle is the least manliest name ever.

He has no name yet, but we've got a couple contenders.  Henry and Fletcher (Fletch for short) are in the top two spots.  Maybe once we pick him up on Nov 26th we'll make a decision.

Here he is in all his cuteness.  C'mon Beth, you've got to love that little nose!!!

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Shawnee Mish

We love Shawnee Mission Park, loving called Shawnee Mish.  We've hiked the trails more times than I can count and most recently were a little overzealous and almost got stuck on the trail after sunset.  I  should've taken a picture, but on a recent hike Nick had both boys laid across his shoulders while jogging just to make up time to get to the end of the trail before we had to call the park rangers to lead us out.  We made it without incident, and probably walked 2.5 miles or more.  The boys are such good hikers, they love the new sights and sounds and just being outside.

We spotted more squirrels than I can count but the coolest thing we saw were 2 deer just yards from us.  They were stiff as could be, just staring right at us when all of a sudden one turned and white-tailed it out of there.  The other followed close behind and they both were very vocal as they fled, I guess we were in their space?

This picture is from a different hike, at Lake Lenexa.  We took a hike and then stopped to munch on dinner at the dam while we watched the sun set.

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Got Caught Having Fun

While at a park last weekend, the boys were all three playing on the playground when they decided to take a break.  I was ready to take a picture of them running around but instead caught this little story.

Just a dad and his boys.

 Hanging out having fun.

 A second after I took this picture, Ethan spotted me and was capturing the moment.


 On his way to stop the photo shoot.

Last one.

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Fall Leaves

This fall has been nothing short of wonderful.  The leaves took their sweet time changing color and I feel like they hung on to the branches longer than they typically do.  The weather couldn't have been nicer so we got out for a walk or hike during any downtime we had (too bad it's supposed to snow tomorrow).

We took a little family stroll around our neighborhood and stopped at this tree because of the pretty leaves.  Not sure where the boys' shoes went, maybe they wanted to feel the warmth on their feet?

 Never a dull moment around this guy.

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Sleeping Spots

Instead of sleeping in his bed like this....

Alec likes to sleep outside his brother's doorway like this...

Or on the stair steps like this....
(can't blame him, he snuck down to watch the Royals in the World Series!) but how did he not roll off!??!

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Halloween 2014

Halloween was here and gone in no time, the kids were just as excited about trick or treating as they've ever been (especially Alec).  They had a countdown starting around 15 days up until the very moment we set out to ring doorbells.  It was a decent night weather wise, a little chilly but Nick bundled the boys up so they were fine except for little fingers. 

Pumpkin Patch

I took this picture on accident but I absolutely LOVE it.  Three sets of feet all next to one another.  Large, small and medium.  :)

Ethan wanted to be something scary and Alec went through nearly 37 costume ideas before I was able to talk him into a vampire.  Wished I had taken more pictures of these two but such is life.  

I spy...something 6 years old. 

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Kindergarten Life

We're already 3 months into the school year and Ethan is truly loving Kindergarten!  His teacher, Mrs. Barnett, is wonderful as well.  He's learning to read already and can spell many words.  According to Mrs. Barnett, he excels at math (got that from Nick!) and is a natural leader.  He goes to school every afternoon from 12:30-3:40 and never fails to bring home a 5 inch piles of papers to show what they've been working on.  He earns "paws" for good behavior during the day and then can cash those paws in for rewards such as getting to sit in the teacher's chair for the day or taking his shoes off all does the trick!  He's already cashed in about 20!

Excited for his first day!

Nick and I got to spend the first few minutes in his classroom on his first day.  We learned where he'd be sitting, where to hang his backpack and met some of his new friends.  My heart swelled up as we left but I know he's more than ready to start school, so it wasn't terribly sad, just bittersweet. 

School picture

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