Friday, November 14, 2014

Shawnee Mish

We love Shawnee Mission Park, loving called Shawnee Mish.  We've hiked the trails more times than I can count and most recently were a little overzealous and almost got stuck on the trail after sunset.  I  should've taken a picture, but on a recent hike Nick had both boys laid across his shoulders while jogging just to make up time to get to the end of the trail before we had to call the park rangers to lead us out.  We made it without incident, and probably walked 2.5 miles or more.  The boys are such good hikers, they love the new sights and sounds and just being outside.

We spotted more squirrels than I can count but the coolest thing we saw were 2 deer just yards from us.  They were stiff as could be, just staring right at us when all of a sudden one turned and white-tailed it out of there.  The other followed close behind and they both were very vocal as they fled, I guess we were in their space?

This picture is from a different hike, at Lake Lenexa.  We took a hike and then stopped to munch on dinner at the dam while we watched the sun set.

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