Sunday, January 4, 2015

Christmas 2014

Another Christmas has passed and we've already started a new year, so I'd better get these pictures up before next Christmas!

Elfie made his yearly visit to our house, starting on Thanksgiving and leaving Christmas Eve.  The boys mostly liked waking up in the mornings to search for him.  He was a pretty good Elf this year and didn't make many messes, which I was thankful for.  His last night here he made an elf sized zip line from the kitchen light fixture all the way to the Christmas tree.  He even left a note telling the boys they were allowed to give him a push down the ride, they liked that quite a bit.

We left Santa donut holes with sprinkles and some milk, which he gobbled up.  The reindeer munched on some carrots and apples, we like to spoil the animals here you know.

We visited Santa at Bass Pro Shop (the real Santa, by the way), Alec told him he'd like 200 race cars and Ethan said he wanted Zoomin' Dino.  Santa didn't deliver either of those though, as they changed their minds 50 thousand times and everyone knows Santa doesn't have time for last minute changes.  Instead, they received Legos, Transformers, underwear, Monopoly Jr, a new sled with brakes and much more.  Nana, Grandma and Grandpa gave the boys legos, Big Hero 6 guy, a couple children bibles, air hockey, slime experiment kit, word speller and so much more!

Here are some pictures of our lovely day:

Christmas Eve Egg Nog from the classic moose mugs

Right before opening all their gifts.  Ethan is doing the fist pump because he's that excited!  They woke up around 6:40, scheming in Ethan's bedroom a plan.  Nick and I spied on them for a bit to see what kind of trouble they were thinking of.  

Opening gifts from Grandma and Grandpa

Air Hockey and a Slime Science Kit 

Making the slime

Grandpa and Grandpa picture time before they headed off

Nana joined us for a lovely Christmas dinner and by the end of the day, everyone had their fill of food and playing with each toy again and again.  

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