Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter 2015

Happy Easter!

The boys had a fun day starting from the time they woke up to see what the Easter Bunny had dropped off all the way through bedtime.  He left them each a water gun, swim diving sticks, a coloring book, new cups and a mini Minecraft toy.  He also left a note for them saying how much he loved the decorated eggs they left for him.  That bunny is a sneaky guy, Ethan and I couldn't figure out how he got into the house since the door was locked.

The boys found every egg the easter bunny hid in the house and afterward I hide them in the backyard for Alec (4 times).  Ethan wasn't interested in finding them again, so Alec was very happy that he got them all to himself.

Later we went to Nana's for a visit and lunch and then stopped off at a park before heading home. 

  Ethan is a climber, hanger and jumper.  Sometimes I have to look away because my heart might leap out of my chest!

Give it time and eventually Alec will also get a little more courage, but for now he's happy with staying low.  Me too.

The boys met their Great Uncle Michael (Nana's brother-in-law) this weekend, they could hardly keep up with him!  Both boys took to him right away and were bummed when it was break time.  Here they are getting put in jail for something, but they kept asking for it and he was happy to dole out some punishment (lots of play spankings for both boys!).

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