Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"I can't moooooove!!!"

Sometimes Alec is a little drama queen and I find it (mostly) to be comical.  Today was his 5 year checkup at the doctor and for a day or so before the appointment he kept asking if he'd need to get shots.  I didn't for know for sure so told him we'd ask when we got there.  He first asked the nurse who took his weight and height and she told him we'd talk about it after we were done with the checkup.  He immediately started crying big huge tears.  It did tug at my heart a little because I could see he was trying to be brave and didn't want to let the nurse know he was scared.  After the nurse was finished, his doctor came in to give him his checkup.  I think we lucked out in the doctor department, because she is awesome...best bedside manner ever.  He proceeded to ask her about the dreaded shots and she said we'd talk about it after she checked his heart and all that.  But you can't fool a 5 year old!  He knew it was coming and that was the worst part, the anticipation!

Fast forward to the last of 2 shots and a finger prick for blood...I didn't know his lungs were that strong, holy smokes!  He screamed bloody murder all the way to the car (I have proof, just wait).  Wasn't interested in the Frozen stickers, didn't even glance at the popsicle they gave him, instead he just insisted he couldn't move.  Had he noticed I was taking a video I think he'd have flipped even more.  But honestly, he's so darn cute even when he thinks it's the end of the world.

After he got buckled in he told me that they gave him sticker because he was so brave.  Because I didn't want to damage his little brave soul, I just left that one alone.  He said next time he has to get a shot he's going to bring a newspaper.  I thought to myself that that was a bit odd but oh well, if it worked then who am I to judge.  He then went on to say that Nana told him she just looks away at the newspaper whenever she gets a shot and it's no big deal.  Well, if I'd only known, Nana!?


And for the record, Alec is 41lbs (50%) and 43.75 inches tall (60%) and has strong lungs. 

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