Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Kindergarten is a wrap!

It's been a month since Ethan finished Kindergarten and we're already into some serious pool time now, but here are some pictures that wrap up the end of his school year.

This is Mrs. Barnett, or in Ethan's words, "The Best Teacher EVER!!".  She is truly a fantastic teacher, I couldn't have asked for anything more.  Ethan is really going to miss her but she reassured him that he can stop in to say hello whenever he wants.  It helps, too, that she lives in our neighborhood and he sees her at the pool.


The 3 Kindergarten classes all got together toward the end of the year to sing us a few songs.  Doesn't my guy look so handsome up there?

Throughout his year, Ethan has begun reading and each week he seemed to get better and better.  I can't quite explain what it's like to listen to him read his first book, slowing sounding out the letters until they form words.  He got all the way up to level 14 or so and the goal is level 4 (I think that's right?), so he's well on his way to learning more next year.

Math has also been one of his strengths, he loves it with a passion.  He did get a little frustrated during the school year when they were learning more about measurements and he didn't like that so much.  I tried to reassure him math would continue to become more and more challenging (at which point Nick will take over math homework!).

Ethan made a few new friends at school as well.  Chase, Ethan B., Paige, Kyla, to name a handful.  I hope he keeps a few of those in his new class next year.  Mrs. Barnett told us again and again that Ethan is a "model student", always doing exactly what was asked of him the first time it was asked.  She wondered what kind of child he was at home and was relieved when I told her he most definitely got into his fair share of trouble at home.

A "Dash to 1st Grade" party took place the last week of school.  I couldn't believe how some of the cars were decorated, I'm thinking those parents really got into it!  Ethan helped cut a few things out and the rest was up to Nick and I and we were all happy with how it turned out.

Here is Ethan on his FIRST day of Kindergarten.

And here's his LAST day. Goodbye Kindergarten, see you soon 1st Grade!

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