Monday, July 27, 2015

Colorado Springs 2015

Off to Colorado Springs we went over the July 4th weekend!  Enjoy the pictures and videos!

Mollie Kathleen Gold Mine Tour

They each got a piece of real "gold" so the tour was well worth it!

On our way back from the gold mine we pulled over and stumbled upon this lovely trail.  After asking a few hikers who were finishing up, we learned there was a waterfall about 2 miles up.  The boys did great and we enjoyed a beautiful view at the top.  No moose sightings though.


After out hike we saw a park and stopped off for a bit to let the kids play

Each night the boys settled in their bed for a movie and popcorn

Ethan's birthday was Saturday so we celebrated first thing!  

Not sure if he's really excited or a faker?

First pocket knife (eeeek!), he loved learning how to safely use it with Nick.

Next stop was Garden of the Gods

Ethan would have stayed here all day, he absolutely loved climbing.  It made me nervous but Nick was always right behind him just in case.  We even considered coming back the next day but ended up finding other boulders to climb.  

Deep in thought or is he pouting?

The next day took us to the North Cheyenne Canon Park, it was my favorite.  We ended up going twice and hiking a couple different trails.

The boys were surprised at how cold the water was.

Nick teaching Ethan how to whittle, something he now loves to do.

Ethan used his new pocket knife to split a huge rice krispie treat.

We drove 6 miles up Pike's Peak, and to be honest, maybe we should've gone all the way up because it was a bit of a let down.  The Cheyenne park was so much prettier! back the Cheyenne park the next day!

Did you notice we bought a selfie stick?

We had a great time and found the Colorado Springs to be a great location to enjoy the mountains!  We'll be back!
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