Monday, July 27, 2015

First 2 Lost Teeth!

Ethan's bottom 2 teeth have been wiggly for a couple months and finally were ready to come out!  He's such a brave little soul and was up for the excitement of pulling them out creatively.  It was so fun!  I have to admit that I'm seriously so disappointed in myself for messing up BOTH videos...I had one job, and I didn't get the end of either video.  I can tell you that both pulls were successful so just pretend you saw the endings.  

Nick tied a string to the back of Ethan's remote control car and the other end to the wiggly tooth.  It took a few tries but finally came out!

This time around we went with a powerful little nerf dart gun.  He was pretty nervous but pulled through at the end of the countdown.  UGH, I'm so bummed I stopped the recording (why did I do that?!).  The tooth went flying and the dart hit the intended target, the window. 

See?  He looks like a legit 1st grader now!
Oh, and just so everyone knows...the tooth fairy leaves $1 for the first tooth, 50 cents for the 2nd tooth and 25 cents for each additional tooth.  I wikipedia-ed it. 

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